Executive coaching, today, is widely accepted as an essential part of the process of continuous learning in the arena of competitive business. It is an integral part of leadership development for top- rung executives. Executive Coaching is a one- to-one collaboration between a certified coach and an executive, who wants to better his/her leadership skills, access new perspectives and above all reach maximum potential. In the words of Executive Coach, Marshall Goldsmith, who has been ranked by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 10 executive educators, executives should seek coaching "when they feel that a change in behavior-either for themselves or their team members-can make a significant difference in the long-term success of the organization Usually

key leadership competencies

Communication -using comman and soft strategis listening intently and conveying a clear message

Empathy - to seek understanding and rapport even under pressure 

Impacting others - recognizing each person's individual skills while building consensus

Vision - painting a picture of the future in practical terms Leadership Training Concepts I use in Executive Coaching:

Vision & Practical Optimism

Focus on What Works

Exit your Comfort Zone

Leading in Critical Situations

Core Values and Choosing between Right and Right

Learn to Fail or Fail to Learn

Permission to be Human

Reflection - Action

       Reflection Discover your strengths, develop motivational skills and take charge by asking for a free telephone consultation to get started.


*  Time management

* Business Communication

* Business Writing / Email

* Advanced Interpersonal Communication

* Effective Presentations

* First time managers / leads

* Assertive Communication

* Creativity & Problem solving skills

* Fundamentals of Customer Service

* Managerial Leadership

* Building Strategic Partnerships

* Business Ethics

* Business Problem Solving

* Change Management

* Continuous Improvement

*  Cross Cultural Business Communication

* Effective Presentations

E-mail Etiquette

*  Fundamentals of Customer Service

*  Exceeding Customer Satisfaction.

*  Fundamentals of Selling

*  Interviewing Skills

*  Negotiating

*  Professional Selling over the phone

* Team Development


we facilitate growth through training interventions  and  build inner strength in people to win the outer realities. Our Training menu comprises of

• Personal Quality Management

• Interpersonal Relationship / Communication

• Leadership, Team Building & Group Dynamics

• Creativity and Problem solving Techniques

• Work-life Balance, Time Management

• Stress Management

• Customer Relationship Management

Retail Marketing, Selling skills, Presentation Skills etc.

• NLP Programme and Workshop

• Powers of Sub-conscious mind

• Transactional Analysis

• Personal Growth Lab and any other

• Customized Program to suit the need The training program are aimed to offer an examination of individual values and beliefs in order to develop fresh alternatives in life for personal and Organizational excellence. Apart from that, it helps to

• To develop self-awareness.

• To become aware of one’s feelings/ behavior and its impact on others.

• To broaden one  perspective in human understands

. • To improve one’s effectiveness in interpersonal relationships and derive greater satisfaction from them.
• To build confidence in dealing with internal and external conflicts

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